About Us

Our primary objective is to restore hemp to its full and original widespread use in daily American living - similar to, if not indistinguishable from how our founding fathers conducted themselves towards the hemp plant.

Similar to George Washington, 1776 Naturals' cultivator, farmer, and formulation expert behind our products, Anthony Rushford, knew from a young age with absolute certainty that he would help a lot of people by doing the right thing with this plant.  Our vision hinges on how full spectrum hemp oil impacted a close family member.  Having such an intense personal experience with full spectrum CBD allows our vision to take root and resonate deep within.

At 1776 Naturals, a distinguishing feature is the pride we take by maintaining full transparency.  We take extra precautions to ensure you can verify every batch has a consistent and safe formulation.  A safe formulation involves the use of natural ingredients from the whole hemp plant, no extra additives.